Trouble conceiving? Maybe its time for a career change…

A new study out of the US has revealed the professions of people with the best and worst chances of successful IVF treatment.According to the study, women working in investment banks have among the worst chances of conceiving via IVF and teachers have the best chance.

Data collected by FertilityIQ indicates that female investment bankers are 60 per cent less likely to conceive than others working in other jobs with a similar salary, whereas teachers are six times more likely to conceive.

Teachers told researchers that they feel their work environment played a huge role in the success of their treatment. Colleagues, they said, are happy to talk openly about their fertility experiences and offer advice and support. Teachers also can use the summer months to undergo treatment, which is believed to be of benefit.

Interestingly, women working in traditionally male-dominated roles, such as investment banking or engineering, were considerably less likely to succeed with their fertility treatments.

Many of these women told researchers that their work environment hindered treatment. They said that they felt the need to keep their treatment a secret from bosses and colleagues and found it harder to stick with a cycle because of work hours.

The results reflect similar data collected from IVF patients in the US that has previously found that women who worked in sales, marketing and public relations jobs are twice as likely to be successful in their treatment.

The success rates of patients working as doctors, lawyers and nurses have been found to be roughly equal to women in similar paying jobs.

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