Book Club (September, 2014)

Time to put your feet up and enjoy our pregnancy and baby book selections for September! 

Joyous Childbirth Changes the World by Dr Tadashi Yoshimura (Seven Stories Press, $36.99)

For many expectant mothers in the West, it can sometimes feel like pregnancy and childbirth are entirely medical conditions. Dr Yoshimura, a Japanese obstetrician and natural birth advocate, wants us to take a different approach. Instead of a medical emergency, Dr Yoshimura describes birth as a transcendent and natural process that cannot be perfected, and that, when performed through the innate power of women, reveals what he calls a “mystic beauty.” Joyous Childbirth Changes the World  is full of delightful stories of birthing women and peaceful smiling infants, and helpful tips from his childbirth preparation program. Shop the book.


tamingToddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green (Doubleday, $34.99)

 Ever wondered how it is that your precious baby has suddenly changed into a tantrum-prone, heel-stomping toddler? Overwhelmed by all the well-meaning advice? Toddler Taming is a child-rearing classic and has helped millions of parents over the years and has been completely revised and updated and now focuses on prevention as well as cure. It offers practical advice on how to tackle sleep problems, tantrums, potty training, food issues, playgroup and day care, screen time, and more. Shop the book.


somethingSomething for Everyone by Louise Fulton Keats (Hardie Grant, $39.95)

If you find yourself preparing five different meals at dinnertime to satisfy the tastes and needs of everyone in the family, this book is going to save your sanity! In Something for Everyone, Louise shares her solutions to the mealtime stress, with nutritious, fresh and tasty dishes focused on feeding the whole family. Each recipe contain variations for babies and toddlers, which require minimal adaptation but maximise flavour. Beautifully illustrated and packed with recipes that are realistic and simple, as well as tasty and nutritious. Shop the book.


helloHello Baby! Parenting with Confidence by Cathrine Fowler (Tresillian, $29.95)

First formed as the Royal Society for the Welfare of Mothers and Babies in 1918, Tresillian has been providing Australian mothers with parenting advice ever since. Hello Baby! is the product of a great history combined with the latest research and offers essential advice to ensure the health and happiness of both baby and parent. Funds raised by the sale of this book go back to helping mothers at the Tresillian Centres. Shop the book.

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