Book Club (October, 2014)

We hope you enjoy our Baby Project Book Club selections and reviews for October! 

Good Enough: Confessions of a Less-than-perfect Mum by Dilvin Yasa (Pan Macmillan, $29.99)

One truth every mother learns eventually is that parenting becomes a whole lot easier once you ditch you the notion of the ‘perfect mother’ fed to us by parenting books, baby food commercials and pretty much everyone trying to sell something. According to Dilvin Yasa, mothers have been sold a dodgy lot of unrealistic standards. In Good Enough: Confessions of a Less-than-perfect Mum, Dilvin mixes hilarious observations on her own experiences as a new mother with expert opinion, to produce a parenting guide that is informative as well as genuinely informative. Shop the book.



Family Food: 130 delicious paleo recipes for every day by Pete Evans (Pan Macmillan, $39.99)

As the father of two kids, Pete Evans knows exactly how difficult it can be to serve up meals that will be enjoyed by adults – and actually eaten by kids! Family Food is full of simple and easy recipes that have a focus on sustainability, seasonal produce and above all are fresh and healthy. In addition to family meals, Family Food contains chapter specifically dealing with baby and toddler food, as well as lunchbox fare. All bases covered. Shop the book. 


familyFamily Matters by Pat McDermott (Allen & Unwin, $29.99)

Pat McDermott’s family is, for many Australian women, as familiar to them as their own. For 30 years, McDermott has been sharing stories of the ups and down (and everything in-between!) of family life in her Family Matters column of the Australian Women’s Weekly. Family Matters is a collection of hilarious and poignant stories that will make you feel that much happier about your own family. Shop the book.

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