The quiz that answers the question: will IVF work for me?

If there were a way to predict your chances of achieving success with IVF, would you want to know? Well now you can…

Couples can now access an online calculator that will predict their chances of having a baby.

The calculator has been created by the University of Aberdeen, which claims it helps couples shape their expectations and plan their treatments.

While the Internet is full of IVF ‘predictor tools’ this is the first to give estimates for up to six cycles and also factor in the use of frozen embryos.

OPIS, which stands for Outcome Prediction In Subfertility, is based on data from more than 113,000 women who have gone through IVF.

There are two OPIS tools. OPIS Pre IVF calculates your chances of having a baby before you undergo any IVF treatment.

OPIS Post IVF calculates your chances of having a baby after one or more complete cycles of IVF.

The calculator was created using data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which collects information from all licensed fertility treatments in the UK.

While being credited for its accuracy, researchers advise that an online calculator should only be used as a guide, being unable to take into account information such as genetics, smoking and lifestyle, all of which contribute to the outcome of IVF.

Are you game to find out your chances? You can check out OPIS here.

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