Why older women are having greater IVF success

Once upon a time, the chances of a woman over 40 years of age becoming pregnant were pretty slim – even with the help of IVF. But now new research shows that older women are celebrating IVF success like never before.

Latest figures from the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database have revealed that there are four times more IVF babies being born to mothers aged over 40 than there were two decades ago.

The research also shows an increase in the number of women over 47 becoming mothers.

What’s even greater news is that the data has shown greatly increased success rates for older women using their own eggs.

Experts are putting this down to new technologies that can ‘repair and refresh’ older eggs.

While celebrating the increased success rates, doctors are quick to point out that when mothers are over 40, pregnancies become more complicated and can be a greater chance of miscarriage.

Meanwhile, women over 40 who have had babies are asking: surely it’s time to abolish the term ‘geriatric pregnancy’? We couldn’t agree more.

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