Fertility tracking on your phone

You keep your life on your phone, so why not use it to track your fertility? Oh and then sync it with your watch.

Apple has joined the many app developers realizing there’s a buck or two to be made expanding its period tracking options using the new Cycles Tracking feature on the Apple Watch and iPhone.

According to Apple we’ll soon be able to log information about our menstrual cycles and receive alerts for our next period.

For those wanting to make a baby, you can also opt into notifications about your fertility windows (although developers are quick to caution against using it as contraception).

The new Cycle Tracking app also allows you to log your flow and symptoms.

Apple’s latest venture is a game changer. Currently, anyone who wants to track their menstrual cycles or fertility windows has to download a third-party app, which comes at a cost and which can have privacy implications.

However, with any fertility tracking app, accuracy is an issue. Cycles Tracking’s predictive algorithms are to some extent based on a generic understanding of period tracking. It would be reasonable to conclude that some people will use it in the place of visiting a medical doctor for individual advice.