#TalkAboutTrying: women sharing fertility struggles with a hashtag

Even though one in six Australians struggle to become pregnant, anyone going through IVF will tell you it can be a very lonely experience.

Now, RESOLVE, a US not-for-profit that supports those struggling with infertility, is aiming to change that.

It’s launched a campaign that uses the hashtag #TalkAboutTrying to bring together people who have experienced the roller-coaster ride of IVF.

All across social media and from many different countries, women are sharing their stories, and in doing so are offering support and hope to others.

Ultimately, RESOLVE hope to empower couples to address their issues and seek help early.

“#TalkAboutTrying can be a platform that flips the script, gets people talking honestly about fertility and helps them recognise when they may be going through struggles trying to conceive that require the help of a fertility specialist,” said Barbara Collura, President and CEO of RESOLVE.

Here are some of the stories women are sharing on social media:





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