First family fertility journey

Jenny Morrison, the wife of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has spoken publically of her 14-year fertility struggle.

Speaking recently at an event hosted by the Australian Jewish Fertility Network in Sydney, Ms Morrison spoke about the emotional toll infertility had on her and her marriage.

Also speaking at the event were Peter Overton, whose wife Jessica Rowe has spoken to The Baby Project about their IVF experiences, as well as comedian Mary Coustas, who also struggled to have children.

At the Sydney event, Ms Morrison, told the audience that she had undergone many rounds of IVF and microsurgery for endometriosis before finally having her two daughters.

According to Ms Morrison, throughout the experience of IVF she often felt isolated.

“Scott could cope with it far easier because he’s just a really hard worker and he’s obsessive about work, he could throw himself into that, still sad inside, but he could occupy himself far better,” she said.

“But for me…everything revolved around wanting to have a baby and when you can’t have that … it’s like a natural thing that everybody else can do but you are unable to.”

It’s not the first time Ms Morrison has shared her struggles with infertility, and during his maiden speech in parliament in 2008, her husband praised her strength and resilience and “determination to never give up hope for us to have a child”.

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