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Amy Schumer and the emotional strain of IVF

IVF can be a long and gruelling process – and one that many women choose to undergo in private. Not comedian Amy Schumer, who this week posted an image of her tummy that in one shot powerfully captures the reality of fertility treatment.

Schumer is known and loved for her willingness to share the unglamorous aspects of life, never more than when she gave birth to her son Gene last year and instead of posting the angelic serene pictures favoured by so many new mum celebrities, chose to post images of herself covered in baby vomit, suffering sleep deprivation and with breast pumps attached.

The Baby ProjectThis week Schumer announced to the world that she is undergoing IVF in order to have a second child by posting an image of a bruised and bloated tummy on Instagram – and asking fans for advice.

“I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” she posted. “If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do. My number is in my bio.”

Schumer revealed that she was struggling with the emotionally and physically challenging process of egg freezing.

“We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling.”

Pretty soon, Schumer’s post exploded with messages of support from celebrities as well as regular people who could relate to what she was going through.

“You got this mama. Sending you lots of love !” wrote Katie Couric.

“I’m praying for you and chris. I’m sorry!” wrote Selena Gomez.

Many women thanked Schumer for her honesty. “Thank you for normalizing and bringing this topic out into the open.”

Since posting about her treatment, Schumer thanked fans who had offered support.

“There are sooooo many of us willing to be there for each other,” Schumer wrote. “Your stories helped me more than you can imagine. I feel incredibly lucky. I’m really hoping this works and staying positive. Much much love!”

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