AI to boost IVF success

Artificial Intelligence will soon be used as part of a ground breaking new process, which is hoped will help increase the chances of IVF success.

Studies are now being conducted by Australian fertility experts to test the technique, which has been designed to enable scientists to better select the strongest and healthiest embryos.

The international study is being led by Virtus Health, and involves the study of 1,000 patients at five IVF clinics across Australia.

During the study, embryos will be grown in an incubator equipped with time-lapse cameras, which will assess the embryo for its first five days.

Images of the embryos will be captured every 10 minutes. A pre-screening machine will then analyse the images and rank them based on embryonic development.

This is where the AI comes in.

The artificial intelligence of the embryo ranking system was trained using thousands of images from pregnancies that were known to be successful or not.

What the AI tool does is analyse all the embryos. The embryo with the highest score can then be selected for transfer by the embryologist.

Potentially, the new technology could shorten the time it takes a woman to fall pregnant, and save the patient thousands of dollars.

During the study, half the women in the trial will undergo traditional embryo selection, while the other half will have their embryos chosen using artificial intelligence.

The results of each group will be compared to determine the effectiveness of using the technology.

The 12-month trial is expected to be completed next year.

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