TikTok video explains DIY insemination

Social media platform TikTok has become a popular platform for DIY projects – and now a single mum in the USA has shown her followers how to get pregnant “without a man or a doctor”.

California woman Danielle Morin has shared a video detailing how she became pregnant using sperm ordered from an online donor bank, without the help of a doctor in the step-by-step tutorial.

And while the TikTok video has gone viral, medical experts are warning about health issues that can arise from DIY insemination, as well as the legal implications.

In the video, Ms Morin explains that once ordered online, the sperm will be delivered in a cryogenic tank to keep it alive.

Ms Morin then takes the viewer through the process of insemination, saying she used a syringe she bought from a chemist to insert the sperm into her vagina.

“Transfer your sample into your syringe and wait 15 minutes,” she says.

To help with the process, Ms Morin recommends using a pH-balanced personal lubricant and inserting the syringe like you would a tampon.

Drawing on her own experience, she says she then lay down with her legs up against a wall, and “chilled for 30 minutes”.

After that, she says, “you’re good to go”.

Ms Morin says that an important step in the process is budgeting, and that women need to take into account the amount they spend on housing, as well as daycare costs, food and clothing, and additional savings.

Ms Morin says in her own experience, DIY insemination worked the first time.

Experts in Australia say though that there are regulations , there are regulations around donor conception that must be adhered to.

Any reputable sperm bank transaction should include an agreement that explicitly detail the terms of the donation.

Since the TikTok video went live, it has been watched over 1.3 million times.

According to her Instagram account, Ms Morin says her baby, who she has named Rhett, is due soon.

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