Are you ready for a reality show about sperm donors?

While we may all be running out of TV shows to binge during COVID-19 lockdown, would you watch a reality series that centres on choosing a sperm donor?

The first season of Labor Of Love, a reality show in the style of The Bachelor, which follows a single woman as she searches for the father of her future baby, has just finished in the US.

The show is hosted by Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte in Sex and the City, a character you will remember also struggled with fertility issues.

The show follows Kristy Katzmann, a 41 year old single woman, as she chooses between 15 different men, all completing to father her baby.

The twist is, in addition to choosing her child’s father, Kristy must also decide whether his role will be as romantic partner or just sperm donor.

Kristy, we learn in the first episode, is concerned that time is running out. Like many women, she always imagined that motherhood would be in her future, but unfortunately, Mr Right didn’t show up.

“I thought the baby piece would fall into place — I’d meet the right person, we’d start a family,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

“I think a lot of women are in the same position as me. So, what maybe seems outlandish at the start is actually a really relatable story.”

The male contestants on the show have different careers and interests, including a former professional wrestler, a  firefighter, and a funeral director.

And they’re all hot.

In the first episode, the men are herded to a clinic to have their sperm tested, and there are a few anxious moments before a “winner” is declared.

Over the future episodes, the men are set various tasks and challenges, which will hopefully reveal the best candidate.

At this stage, whether the show will air in Australia is undecided.

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