Patience and bravery: IVF parents honoured

A new advertising campaign hitting our screens this month aims to shed light on the emotional rollercoaster that is IVF.

Monash IVF is behind the advertisement that aims to promote the patience and bravery of IVF patients, and features Australians discussing their experiences.

‘Carly & Ryan’ Monash IVF from SDWM on Vimeo.

It’s hoped that the ‘Let’s be brave together’ campaign will start conversations about the emotional resilience required to navigate the IVF process.

“We want to inspire individuals to understand their fertility challenges earlier, have conversations and proactively safeguard their fertility health and wellbeing,” says Monash IVF chief marketing officer, Fiona Allen.

The ad campaign features solo parents, LGBTIQ people, and others, all discussing how they came to terms with their paths to parenthood not turning out as they expected.

Monash IVF – Shelby & Cameron from Greg Toolen on Vimeo.

Allen adds that it is important for people not to feel alone on their fertility journey.

“The path to parenthood isn’t always the fairy tale we’re promised, and with one in six Australian couples facing fertility issues, it’s time we talked about it,” she says.

“There are too many people out there feeling isolated, or that they’ve somehow failed, when in truth their determination to do whatever they can to achieve their dream of a family, is truly awe inspiring and brave.”

By sharing real peoples’ fertility challenges, Monash IVF want others know they’re not alone in their battle, and that their bravery in fighting for a family is inspiring.

Let’s be brave together’ Monash IVF from SDWM on Vimeo.

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