Rainbow babies

In an Australian first, a dedicated fertility and IVF service catering exclusively to the LGBTI community has opened its doors.

Clinic specialising in fertility and IVF catering exclusively to the LGBTI community are now open in three states: Victoria; Queensland; and South Australia, with New South Wales to open next month.

Rainbow Fertility is an initiative of City Fertility Centre, one of Australia’s largest privately owned IVF business.

Mr Adnan Catakovic, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director, City Fertility Centre, said while they have been providing fertility advice and services to LGBTI patients for a number of years in their existing clinics, the dedicated Rainbow Fertility centres will offer the LGBTI community the choice of attending a standalone service that caters specifically to their needs.

“If patients want to, they can choose to attend one of our Rainbow Fertility centres where they can receive the same fertility care in a professional and judgement-free setting,” Mr Catakovic said.

Mr Catakovic said patients can be confident in the knowledge that all Rainbow Fertility specialists and staff believe in the clinic’s philosophy, that everyone should be free to experience the joys of parenthood if they wish to.

“We also understand that rainbow families can encounter confusion and misunderstanding from others and hence our Rainbow Fertility centres provide easy access to qualified counsellors, information and support services tailored to their needs,” he said.

“Same-sex parenting has become more recognised within our community and this new service is recognising this as well.”

Most recent figures indicate that 11 per cent of Australia’s population are of diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

“At Rainbow Fertility we believe in equal treatment for people and providing access to the same opportunities. In essence, we simply want to reflect the reality of the world we live in,” Mr Catakovic said.

“We don’t seek to define how a family should be, Rainbow Fertility is focusing on helping people create one of their own, if that is what they desire.”

Fertility treatment options at Rainbow Fertility include donor insemination, IVF, donor egg and sperm programs, fertility preservation (egg and sperm freezing) and surrogacy services.

“At Rainbow Fertility patients will have access to our modern centres, state-of-the-art laboratories, highly qualified and experienced doctors, and compassionate and caring staff,” Mr Catakovic said.

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