The bedroom secret that could get you pregnant quicker

A regular bedtime can help women get pregnant sooner, according to a new study.

The US study asked women trying to conceive to wear smart watches, which monitored their activity.

What researchers found was that the women who went to bed at roughly the same time each night were four times more likely to conceive.

Furthermore, the study, carried out at Washington University in St Louis, found that women who went to bed within the same 90-minute period every night were more than twice as likely to get pregnant.

Doctors have long believed that sleep plays a role in good health and that the body clock has been linked with warding off several diseases.

And apparently it’s not just men who need to hit the sack like clockwork. Another study, carried out by the University of Miami, found that every hour of lost sleep caused testosterone levels to fall by 1.5 per cent.

Sleep tight!

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