Offspring’s IVF fail

We all know that TV isn’t real life, but Channel 10’s Offspring is copping a backlash on social media, with viewers describing the recent IVF storyline as totally unrealistic.

Viewers are pointing out several factual errors in the episode in which Asher Keddie’s character, Nina Proudman, visits an IVF client after discovering her late partner Patrick left her sperm to produce a sibling for their child, Zoe.

In one scene, a doctor performed an ultrasound on her ovaries and detected ‘eight good quality’ eggs. In reality, several viewers pointed out on social media, an ultrasound only allows doctors to detect information about follicles.

In another scene, Nina was told she had until the end of the afternoon to decided what she wanted to do with her eight eggs. In reality, there is no ‘end of the day’ limit. Ovaries can be stimulated and eggs produced in future cycles.

Nina was also given the option to use her late partner Patrick’s sperm two and a half years after he passed.

Also, according to Australian law, a woman must have written consent from the late male giving permission for her to use his sperm.



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