New app will allow parents to see their embryo growing in the lab

Couples undertaking IVF normally get a sneak-peek at their baby, with many given photos of their embryo on the day of transplant, usually at three or five days. Now, thanks to a new app, IVF patients will get to see their embryo grow via their smartphones.

In a world first, Australian fertility experts are developing a new smartphone app that will allow IVF patients to see their growing embryos in the lab.

According to reports, the app that is being developed will take pictures and time-lapse video of a patient’s fertilised eggs every five minutes.

Patients will be able to directly share pictures and video of their growing baby on social media.

This will be made possible using a newly developed incubation and embryo viewing system, which combines continuous culture and time-lapse photography.

Once rolled out, hopefully by the end of the year, the app will be available to patients through participating fertility clinics.

It is hoped the app will help ease the stress and anxiety often felt by parents who have had trouble conceiving.

The app is set to change the landscape of the experience of pregnancy, with around one in every 25 Australian births currently the result of IVF.

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