George Michael’s ‘IVF baby’ welcomed at last

The little boy, known throughout the world as George Michael’s ‘IVF baby’, has been born in Britain.

His mother, Lynette Gillard had struggled for 13 years to conceive, taking a huge financial toll on the family, to the point the family could no longer afford IVF.

In desperation, the now 38-year old, went on the TV show Deal or No Deal in the hope she could win the money needed for IVF treatment.

Lucky for Gillard, George Michael just happened to be watching. After the show, the singer phoned Channel 4 to donate the money she needed.

His one condition? That his contribution remain anonymous.

According to The Sun newspaper, Gillard has now given birth to a baby boy.

The Sun reports that the baby has been named Seth Logan George Hart, the middle name acting as a tribute to the singer.

In a poignant twist, apparently Gillard discovered she was pregnant on the same day George Michael died.

Immediately following George Michael’s death, stories of his amazing generosity, including funding homeless shelters, began to surface. It was then that details of his Deal or No Deal donation were finally made public.

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