IVF success rates revealed

It’s official: Australia’s IVF success rate is at an all time high, with one in four embryo transfers resulting in a live birth.

The latest figures come from research commissioned by the Fertility Society of Australia and show that more than 13,500 IVF babies were born in Australia in 2016/2017 – the highest number ever recorded.

This means that one in every 25 Australian babies – or one child in every classroom – are now born via IVF.

The report also shows that the incidence of IVF mothers and babies experiencing complications, including miscarriage and premature births have decreased.

The age of women undergoing IVF is getting higher, with patients aged over 40 now making up one in four IVF cycles.

Interestingly, more than half of IVF births were caesarean sections, possibly due to the age of the mothers.

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