Yep, now there’s a digital IVF organiser

Anyone who has undergone IVF will tell you that one of the hardest parts is staying on top of the endless doctors and pathology appointments, and organising the many, many different medications that all need to be taken at different times on different days.

Now there’s an online organiser that can help with that.

MiFertility Plan App is an Australian-designed calendar tool, which it is claimed can help people organise their fertility journey.

It features alerts and reminders of appointments, tests, and medicines that women need to manage while undergoing IVF treatment.

This is great news for families already suffering stress and anxiety as part of IVF, or just struggling to get their head around the information they need to process.

Currently, MiFertility App is free and can be downloaded in the app store.

The features of MiFertility app inlude:

  • Comprehensive timeline view that allows you to see your entire fertility treatment plan in one snapshot and can be edited at any time
  • Simplified calendar view option to see your daily fertility treatment overview
  • Set personalised alerts, reminders and notes about:
  1. Fertility medicines
  2. Stimulation
  3. Downregulation
  4. Triggering
  5. Luteal phase support
  6. Clinic visits
  7. Blood tests
  8. Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  9. Egg pick up
  10. Sperm collection
  11. Embryo transfer
  12. Pregnancy test
  13. Early pregnancy scan
  • Keep a PDF record or share your fertility treatment plan with your partner or clinic via an export function
  • Contact your nurse via phone or email, or access your clinic’s website.

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