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The Baby Project has got your reading sorted with our pick of the best holiday reads…

The Game Changers: Success Secrets From Inspirational Women Changing the Game and Influencing the World by Samantha Brett and Steph Adams (Penguin Books Australia, $30.75)

If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that when women support women anything is possible. Well what better way to begin 2018 than by celebrating and becoming inspired by the world’s most fabulous women?

Authors Samantha Brett and Steph Adams have built their careers interviewing and profiling amazing people and they quickly realised that these women all shared common traits. No matter what their field, the ‘game changes’ all had the same approach to dealing with ambition, as well as success, challenges and setbacks.

It’s what’s turned some of the most bad-ass women like Arianna Huffington, Julie Bishop, Natasha Oakley, Meghan Markle, Elle Macpherson, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Wilson, and Gwyneth Paltrow into the powerhouses they are today. Shop the book.


Purpose: Find Your Why and the How Will Look After Itself by Lisa Messenger ( Messenger Publishing, $29.95)

Was your New Year’s Resolution to re-energise your life? To jump out of bed in the morning feeling vibrant and excited about the day ahead? To embrace life with enthusiasm; to throw yourself into your career with confidence and purpose? So how’s that going for you?

Lisa Messenger is living proof that you can sustain this energy all year round. As the founder of Collective Hub, she has dedicated her life to helping others turn their passions into rewarding and profitable careers and fulfilling lives. According to Messenger, by finding the ‘why’ in our lives, we can reinvigorate our ambition, unleash our inner rebel and make a real impact in the world.

Part guidance and part interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives, Purpose might be the most important book you read this January. Shop the book.

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10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know: positive solutions for everyday parenting challenges by Dr Justin Coulson (ABC Books, $24.50)

He’s Australia’s own parenting guru and in his latest book Dr Justin Coulson shows parents how to deal with everyday parenting challenges without screaming, crying or locking yourself in the laundry with a family-sized chocolate bar!

Author of previous parenting best-sellers 21 Days to a Happier Family and 9 Ways to a Resilient Child, Dr Coulson’s latest offering shares the ten key things every parent needs to know to raise happy, confident children. Because parenting is challenging, and there are some things that are impossible to work out ‘on the job’ including how to discipline effectively, managing sibling conflict, chores, school and screen time.

Best of all, Dr Coulson teaches us how we can deal with all this and still have a happy, fun family experience. Shop the book.

It’s All Good: How to Trust and Surrender to the Bigger Plan by Cassie Mendoza-Jones (Hay House, $15.90)

They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but the truth is that life’s challenges can instill in us a fear and hurt that prevents us from moving forward. It’s a choice – do you let the past destroy you or do you use it to learn and grow the most?

In It’s All Good, author Cassie Mendoza-Jones explains that it’s when we detach ourselves from past disappointments and trust our journey, we can breathe fresh energy into all areas of our life.

It’s All Good is filled with practical tips, affirmations, meditations, and tools especially designed to help us remember that whatever the challenge, we are always supported. Shop the book.

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