The Importance of Wearing Pineapples

You don’t need to be one of the international fashion set to have noticed that for many women across the UK, the hottest fashion accessory to wear right now is a small brooch featuring two smiling pineapples.

It’s all part of a campaign, backed by some famous British celebrities, to raise awareness about IVF and fertility issues facing an increasing number of families.

The #ivftogetherstronger campaign is the brainchild of IVF Babble, a UK-based IVF support organisation.

IVF Babble hope that a sense of community and support will be created by women sharing photos of themselves wearing the badges and using the #ivftogetherstronger hashtag.

They also hope that the badges will act as a conversation starter to encourage people to talk more freely and candidly about their IVF journeys.

Photos have already been shared by UK influencers Fearne Cotton, Kate Thornton, and Izzy Judd, as well as thousands of non-celebrity women and their families and friends.

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