The world’s most IVF friendly countries

As rates of IVF climb in developed nations around the world, a couple of countries are vying for the title of the most IVF-friendly.

Denmark currently has the world’s biggest proportion of babies born through assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

According to the latest statistics, Denmark leads the world with an estimated 10 per cent of all births conceived using ART.

Many residents credit the IVF take up to an acceptance of assisted reproduction and a willingness of people to talk openly about fertility issues.

Experts also point to the country’s generous state funding.

The Danish public health care system pays for 100 per cent of IVF treatment, assisted reproduction being considered essential treatment.

The downside of government funding IVF is that it means the government also controls IVF. Currently women over 40 do not receive government funded treatment and women over 45 are banned from undergoing IVF at all.

Denmark’s first IVF baby, Troels Renard Østbjerg, was born in 1983. Back then, Denmark was just one of many developed countries striving to develop better reproductive technology – now it’s the world record holder for ART births.

However, one country is nipping at Denmark’s heels.

Currently Israel has significantly more cycles of IVF per million inhabitants – about 5,000 compared with Denmark’s 2,700 – but a much lower natural birth rate.

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